About Wingback

Who We Are

We built Wingback to empower our fellow SaaS leaders

We set out to create the tools we'd ourselves would use to supercharge our growth, solve technical blockers & unlock new possibilities. Proudly built by and for SaaS.
Wingback was founded in 2021 when we realized that there was no meaningful monetization solution built specifically for the challenges of B2B SaaS founders like us. There was no single platform that gave us control and visibility from feature definition and pricing & packaging, all the way to line-item accurate invoicing. (And it turns out, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.) So we hired a great team and got to work.
Since then, the company has raised financing, graduated from Y Combinator’s Winter ‘22 batch, and defined a new category of SaaS monetization solutions called SaaS Growth Infrastructure (SGI).
Wingback is proud to be backed by some of the best in the business: 42CAP, On Deck, Y Combinator, and a roster of experts shaping the future of SaaS. The founders also regularly contribute to the conversation around startups, SaaS, pricing and packaging, and everything in between