CASE #4: Unifying Sales-led and PLG Plan Management


San-Francisco, XDATE

BY SaaS Growth Infrastructure
Case #004

Unifying Sales-led and PLG Plan Management

Your SaaS business is embracing a hybrid growth strategy...

A combination of Sales-Led and Product-Led Growth (PLG). Your self-serve PLG channel is thriving, allowing users to sign up, try your product, and seamlessly transition into paying customers.  At the same time, your sales team is working wonders with bigger deals, especially with clients who need more customization or hands-on support
Naturally, your team leads are already shopping for some prime Woodside real estate. But the good times aren’t going to last forever - managing this hybrid approach comes with its set of complexities.
With self-serve, you've got to continuously fine-tune your pricing and packaging to align with your users' consumption and willingness to pay. With sales-led, the challenge is to create and manage custom enterprise pricing plans for each client, efficiently and rapidly.
What's more, your sales and product teams need to maintain a single source of truth for pricing, packaging, and billing. Otherwise, they risk creating disjointed customer experiences, incorrect billing, and time-consuming internal coordination.
In the middle of this conundrum, you’re thinking of solutions: Building in-house, piecing together various tools, or even considering to choose either a PLG or sales-led approach exclusively to reduce complexity. However, all these options have their limitations or potential downsides.

In ConcluSION:

What you need is a solution that embraces both these growth strategies and brings them together seamlessly. A solution that enables your product and sales teams to collaborate efficiently, create and manage any pricing plan, and ensure accurate, timely billing. You need the power to adapt without the stress of reworking your entire pricing infrastructure in-house.
So what’s a newly minted Woodside resident to do? They have to get Wingback.


Bring high-touch and self-serve plans & data together in a single infrastructure


More sophisticated self-serve flow, including a billing portal - so customers can handle more issues on their own rather than reaching out to CS


Invoices automatically factor in usage, plan terms, contracts & more - no manual calculations