Plan Creation & Customer Management

!! Any feature set, any pricing model

Create any plan you can think of. No matter your business model or growth targets, Wingback gives you complete control over how to monetize your product in different ways.

Without bothering your engineering team ever again.

Plan Creation:

Determine every aspect of a pricing plan, from feature-specific pricing and currencies to billing cycles to custom discounts.
Assign multiple pricing models to one plan
Create templates & building blocks for fast iterating
Unique URL for each plan for easy sharing

Plan & Customer Management Portal:

Get an overview of all current plans and see who’s on which plan, so you can identify gaps in your offerings.
Detailed history of customer plans and account actions
Create and modify plans without help from engineering
Control who can upgrade, downgrade & more

Pricing Pages:

Deploy your plans directly to your website - they update in real time, so no plan displayed on your pricing pages is ever out of date.
Enable self-signup effortlessly
Geo-target pricing plans for different markets
No engineering support required

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Plan Creation & Customer Management