CASE #2: Pricing Experimentation & A/B Testing of Pricing Plans


San-Francisco, XDATE

BY SaaS Growth Infrastructure
Case #002

Pricing Experimentation &
A/B Testing of Pricing Plans

As a fast-growing B2B SaaS company...

You understand the critical role that pricing plays in your growth strategy. You have a solid customer base and they love your product, but you suspect there's room for optimization in your pricing strategy to boost your revenue growth.
However, the challenge is finding the sweet spot - a pricing model that balances your revenue objectives with the value customers derive from your product. A minor change in your pricing could either boost your conversion rates and revenue or lead to customer churn and revenue loss.
Your product team has come up with a few ideas for new pricing tiers and structures, and your marketing team has done extensive research on your competitors' pricing models. They've presented some intriguing options - maybe you could increase the price of your premium plan, introduce an intermediate pricing tier, or offer a new bundled package for enterprise customers.
But the question remains: how do you determine which of these changes will have the most positive impact on your revenue and customer satisfaction?
There's only one way to find out - experimentation. You need to run controlled A/B tests on different pricing models and see how your customers respond.
However, setting up, running, and analyzing pricing experiments isn't easy. Should you develop an in-house solution, or outsource to a specialist agency? You could use a basic A/B testing tool, but those won't provide the deep insights you need to understand how pricing changes impact customer behavior.

IN ConcluSION:

What you need is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly set up and run pricing experiments, and then provides the deep, actionable insights your growth team needs to understand the results. You need a solution that helps you find the optimal pricing model for your product, customer base, and revenue goals.
You need Wingback


Quickly and easily set up pricing experiments with minimum engineering effort.


Run controlled A/B tests on different pricing models.


Gain deep, actionable insights on how pricing changes impact customer behavior and revenue.


Continuously optimize your pricing strategy based on real customer response data.