Entitlement Management

!! Entitlement management designed for SaaS

Master the mayhem, even on complex plans. Get clear on which features are part of which plan, define feature-level permissions, and maintain visibility on a per-customer basis, complete with usage monitoring.

No need for a legacy CPQ.

Permission & Usage Limit Management:

Wingback monitors who should have access to which features, and tracks consumption in real time. So customers get access to exactly what they signed up for - no more, no less.
Fully automated - no manual usage checks
Insights on when to offer usage upgrades
Greater leverage to upsell premium features


Turn your entitlement data into actionable insights. All data can be accessed via API so you can use it to inform other systems like your CRM.
Monitor feature-level usage patterns to predict churn
Identify opportunities & continuously optimize your pricing
Pinpoint the exact right price for every customer

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Entitlement Management