CASE #7: Introducing Automated Billing & Invoicing


San-Francisco, XDATE

BY SaaS Growth Infrastructure
Case #007

Introducing Automated Billing & Invoicing

You started selling your product a while back...

And things are chugging along. You sold mostly within your network and it was a fully high-touch, founder-led effort, so there hasn’t ever been any need for automation before. Invoices are a manual yet necessary evil, where you have to go back to the original contract (sort through five or six pdfs to figure out which was the one they actually agreed to) and then make sure you’re charging them with the correct discount, and calculate the number of seats/usage to bill them for, and then send either a Stripe payment link or email them an invoice for them to pay via ACH.
This was never really an issue up till this point: It was a couple hours of your time once a week on Friday nights and you’re working late anyways. (And maybe you secretly don’t mind it? In a way, it’s sort of calming and therapeutic, like raking leaves or scrubbing the tile…)
But that number has been creeping up – every time you onboard a new customer, you’re adding 15-20 minutes between the invoicing and the follow-up. And obviously if you hit your sales targets, that’s going to balloon.
Another issue is your pestering revenue loss from customers who are frankly underpaying and getting access to things they’re not supposed to have access to. Your customers entitlement data is stored in a spreadsheet that someone updates manually when they can, if they remember, but honestly nobody is checking.
When you ship new features, your grandfathered customers are keeping the same early-adopter prices but getting access to these new features. Other customers are going way over their usage – without being charged for it.. Your growth, traction and revenue numbers would look much better if you were to fix this. Investors aren’t going to want to see that come next fundraise (or board meeting).

In ConcluSION:

You’ll need to automate billing at some point if you want to keep growing. So you should do it in a way that allows you to fix all of the problems that your sales and finance teams are having today and prevent those that come up once you have four times the customers you have today.
You need Wingback


Automated invoicing even for complex plans with usage-based, per seat, and complex contract terms


Invoices automatically factor in usage, plan terms, contracts & more - no manual calculations


No more spreadsheets and endless slack discussions to figure out how much to charge a customer - and no invoice complaints either.