Usage-based Pricing & Metering

!! Conquer usage-based pricing (and every other model, too)

Implement usage-based pricing however you like: on just one feature or plan; for just one customer or an entire cohort. Our comprehensive solution works start to finish, from A/B testing to invoicing, so you can make the most of your new pricing model.

Real-time Metering:

Whether you use our best-in-class metering or keep your existing, Wingback tracks usage in real time and syncs the data across the whole system.
Block, volume & tiered usage pricing models supported
Reduce ramp plan friction, for customers and your finance team
Automatic usage monitoring - no manual checks required

Invoice Calculation:

Wingback automatically pulls customers’ actual usage data and calculates the correct amount to bill them, factoring in the actual plan and terms they are on.
No manual invoicing or calculating usage charges
No need to update spreadsheets yourself
Accurate invoices = less friction in payments

Pricing Model Implementation:

Add usage-based to any features in the Plan Editor - just select feature-level pricing, assign a price per usage unit (and limits, minimum usage, maximum usage etc.) and off you go.
Use multiple pricing models in one plan
Adjust plans without engineering help
Support block, volume & tiered usage models

Customer Controls:

Track usage patterns and see when customers approach their limits. Decide how to manage overages: what is done after a customer surpasses their usage limit, offer upgrades or apply extra fees.
Take action before customers hit their limits
Use our data in your CRM to run upgrade campaigns
Self-serve and high-touch/enterprise friendly

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Usage-based Pricing & Metering