Pricing Experimentation & Optimization

!!Pricing insights that are actually actionable

Knowledge is power. Our experimentation and optimization tools allow you to get a clear picture of what different subsets of customers want - so you can take action. And when you’re ready to implement those changes?

We’ll help with that, too.

Easy A/B Testing:

The Plan Editor lets you test out valid, billable plans that users can actually purchase and use right away. Save time with templates and feature blocks as you iterate.
Works with any analytics tool (eg. Amplitude, Segment)
Use experimentation to drive new leads
Control who can view & access test plans

Product Synchronization:

The Plan Editor auto-syncs with your product, so you can test with confidence knowing whatever plans you build are billable & match your current features.
All test plans are valid & billable
Speed up your CPQ process
Plans are never out of date with your product

Actionable Insights:

Monitor churn, upgrade/downgrade rates and more. Know when customers approach their usage limits, when to upsell, what discounts to give, and more.
Deploy campaigns with confidence
Leverage data in CRM for upgrades & upselling
Predict churn & identify risks

? Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingback support me with my experimentation?

— Wingback allows you to group pricing plans on pricing pages, which can be benchmarked against each other using your favorite A/B testing tool.

Which tool do I use for experimentation / A/B testing?

— You can use whatever A/B testing tool you like. Simply generate a pricing page you want to test in Wingback and add the link to your A/B testing tool.

If I set up pricing experiments, what happens if a customer actually signs up for a plan?

— Wingback is designed so that whenever you create any kind of plan, it is usable and billable. So if a customer signs up for a plan, even if it’s experimental, they will be able to use it and you’ll generate actual revenue as a real customer from it. It’s not a “fake plan” as other tools might generate. However, you can always change this customer’s plan/subscription and configurations later on after they sign up, so they are not locked into any one plan.

What happens if I delete an experimental plan that customers signed up for?

— If you delete a plan your existing customers will still remain on the plan unless you assign a different plan to them. This gives you full flexibility so that you can decide yourself who stays on an existing experimental plan and who does not.

Does Wingback provide me with any data or insights about my pricing plans?

— Yes, we provide you with data that you can leverage however you like - for example, to optimize your pricing and learn more about new customer segments.

Pricing Experimentation & Optimization