Self-serve Frontend Components

!! UX for the entire self-serve flow

If you want to leverage Product-led Growth (PLG) successfully, your UX needs to be amazing.  
Wingback offers a best-in-class, out-of-the-box frontend for self-serve, designed to give you a superior UX without having to build and maintain it in-house.

Modular Signup Flow Components:

Our frontend components span the whole self-signup flow, from pricing page to upgrades in the billing portal. It’s modular, so you can use it all or just specific parts.
No engineering maintenance
Designed using UX best practices
Adapts to your custom design

Embedded Pricing pages:

Our pricing page frontend supports all pricing models and configurations. It automatically syncs to your product and updates in real time.
Enable geography or market-specific pricing pages
No manual updates - updates automatically
No engineering support needed

Self-Serve Billing Portal:

Our user-friendly dashboard lets your customers manage their account info, upgrade/downgrade themselves, pay invoices, and view their invoice & payment history.
Configure upgrade and downgrade capabilities
Enable optional usage warnings for easy upselling
Different payment methods and gateways supported

Signup Links:

Generate custom URLs for each plan. Whether self-serve or high-touch, share them directly with a specific customer, in email campaigns, or as a follow up after sales calls.
Full control for highly targeted upselling
Easily implement new campaigns
Test out new pricing plans & markets

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Self-serve Frontend Components