Quoting & CPQ

!! 0-to-60 your quote-to-invoice

With a seamless out-of-the-box frontend, Wingback shepherds customers through the quote-to-cash flow, reducing friction and unnecessary overhead in the sales process. Turn every plan into a billable plan. Sign new deals and upgrade existing customers fast.

Plan Editor:

Create any configuration of features, price, pricing model, terms, and more. Each plan is logically independent of one another.
Assign multiple pricing models to one plan
Create templates & building blocks for fast iterating
Easily add custom discounts or terms


Turn your plan into a shareable quote that you can send to customers. Keep track of all entitlements and the entire quote history.
Custom URLs to share privately or publicly
Build in custom terms for usage charges
Never lose track - each plan/quote is unique


Wingback generates records of all accepted quotes and purchased subscriptions, so there’s no need to track down contract data in a spreadsheet later on.
All relevant plan data stored in one plan
Easily view quote & plan history
Input data into other systems with our Entitlement API

Invoicing & Billing:

Wingback’s invoicing automatically tracks entitlements, factors in terms, and calculates usage, so every customer is billed correctly the first time, every time.
Correct invoices = less back-and-forth, faster DSO
Reconciles entitlements with original plan agreement
Usage & terms automatically incorporated

Quoting & CPQ