Your sales secret

Unify Low-touch + 
High-touch sales motions

Wingback unites all sales motions into one infrastructure. So you have one place to manage all pricing, packaging, and billing-related data and get a clear view of all your customers’ pricing plans at once – no matter how they signed up.

Signup Links

Customized for each plan


Use plan data with your CRM

Mid-Cycle Upgrades

Done right, no billing headaches

Gain full control of plans & quoting

Don’t bother product or engineering to figure out which product configuration is billable. Create new plans with complex pricing yourself, even including ramp plans, custom discounts & co-terming. You have full control of which pricing configurations go to which customers and when.

Upsell better with
holistic customer data

We help nurture customers to upgrade as their needs grow. No matter your sales motion, our interface gives you a single source of truth on every customer's plan data to leverage in your CRM, so your team can run targeted upsell campaigns without effort.

Don’t waste time on deals that don’t move the needle

Leverage your top-performing salespeople on the deals that matter most. We provide accurate, real-time data on customer usage, entitlement and upsell opportunities so you can go after the big fish while keeping self-serve humming along.

Reduce friction in
package signups

Give customers the pricing and packaging configurations they want in seconds. Upgrade your customers mid-cycle effortlessly. Have your team provide signup links for specific packages without endless internal Slack discussions watch them hit their quotas early.