Grow Forth and

Low-touch + High-touch
plan data in one place

Never sift through multiple Google Sheets to find out how many seats a customer signed up for again. Wingback unites all sales motions into one infrastructure. So you have one place to view all your customers’ pricing plans at once – no matter how they signed up.

Self-serve Pricing Pages

No engineering help needed

Self-serve Signup Flow

Convert faster, ASAP


Leverage plan data in your CRM

Make self-serve more self-sufficient
(and profitable)

Already launched PLG? Maximize your ROI on it. With Wingback, give self-serve customers the tools they need to upgrade, downgrade and manage billing themselves, while leveraging our analytics to upsell them at the right time with the right offerings. (Upgrade links in emails, anyone?)

Experiment on pricing,
without eng support 

Not sure if you charge too little (or too much) for your self-serve plans? Have your eye on new geographies or markets? Explore new frontiers with flexible billing options, prepaid models, and new configurations of plans, features, pricing, and more – all without touching the code base.

Launch self-serve
(without creating a mess)

PLG seems like easy money, until you discuss it with engineering and finance. Wingback offers end-to-end frontend components and seamless, integrated billing so you can launch within days without bothering engineering or creating a mess for finance to clean up.

Superior UX
for the entire self-serve flow

Self-serve today demands a best-in-class UX in order to succeed. Wingback offers out-of-the-box frontend, from pricing pages to a self-serve billing portal, designed to give you a superior UX without having to build and maintain a whole new system in-house.