Billing & Payments

!! Finance team-approved invoicing

Wingback calculates invoices automatically, accounting for a customer’s specific plan, usage, and any special terms or discounts, so they’re always accurate. Meanwhile, customers can see their running total in real time, so there’s never any bill shock.

Usage-Based Billing Calculations:

Wingback automatically generates invoices by factoring in usage data, plan terms & fees, and any customer-specific terms. Accurate billing the first time, every time.
No spreadsheets to update
No manual invoicing or calculating usage
Reduced friction from customers = improved DSO

Self-serve Billing Portal:

Customers get a real-time view into their running total for each billing period so they can plan ahead, make upgrades as needed and avoid any surprises.
No bill shock = happier customers & improved DSO
Customers can access invoices & view payment history
Increase upgrade rates organically

Global Sales Enablement:

Wingback takes care of the currency and tax logistics, enabling you to sell across different geographies.
Offer the same plan in different currencies
Create geography- specific pricing pages
Tax codes for international customers

Payment Gateways:

Wingback utilizes third-party processors for your customers to choose from, so payment will never be a barrier for selling to your ideal customer.
Support multiple payment options: credit & ACH
Local payment methods such as SEPA supported
Manual invoices via wire transfers supported from the same interface too

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Billing & Payments