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for any hybrid pricing plan

Monetize any combination of priced features in your pricing plans

!! Align your pricing with YOUR PRODUCT value

Ship any combination of priced features in your pricing plans




250 reports



$0.05 per GB

$500 SETup FEE

Self-serve / High Touch

Leverage feature usage data for Price setting

!! Grow your business with hybrid pricing and feature-based billing in Wingback

With our platform, you're equipped to thrive in every transaction, maximizing value for every feature, and every customer

Product pricing = Product value

Your product's pricing should equal the value your customer receives. This value differs from customer to customer. Creating customer-specific hybrid pricing plans using Wingback allows you to adapt your pricing on an individual basis.
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This is your product

Wingback allows you to
balance those two

This is YOUR product when
you use wingback

Don't guess - Rely on data

Wingback records customer usage-data for customers won through PLG and high-touch sales channels. This granular dataset allows you to build highly optimized hybrid pricing plans without guesswork.
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This is how you guess how
to price your product

This is Wingback analyzing usage data

These are your data-driven
pricing plans

Automate revenue growth

Wingback detects churn risk and upsell opportunities by analyzing usage data. It pushes this data into your other systems and even allows you to set up automated actions that lead to less churn and more upsells.
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This is Wingback monitoring
your usage data

This is Wingback recognizing
behavior patterns

This is the result of reduced
costs and more revenue