CASE #5: Custom Enterprise Pricing Plans & Quoting


San-Francisco, XDATE

BY SaaS Growth Infrastructure
Case #005

Custom Enterprise Pricing Plans & Quoting

Your SaaS business has scaled up rapidly...

And now includes enterprise-level clients with complex and unique requirements. These customers demand a different level of customization than your SMB clients, and the one-size-fits-all pricing model that worked for your startup phase just won't cut it.
Your sales team now faces prospects asking for intricate, tailor-made pricing structures, with requests ranging from varying prices per user role, to usage-based billing for some features, to volume discounts for other aspects of your product. And it's not just about pricing - these customers also want detailed quotes that outline exactly what they're getting and at what price.
Handling these custom requests has become a major challenge. Your sales team spends too much time creating complex, bespoke pricing plans and manually generating quotes. And when a prospective client asks for a tweak to their quote, it can mean hours more work for your team.
You’ve considered building a custom solution or cobbling together several third-party products to tackle this challenge, but these options either require significant engineering resources or simply don't offer the complete functionality you need

In ConcluSION:

What you need is a robust, intuitive tool that makes creating custom pricing plans and generating accurate, detailed quotes a breeze. You need a solution that allows your sales team to respond quickly to prospects' requests, so you can close deals faster and better cater to your enterprise clients' unique needs.
You need Wingback


Easily create intricate, custom pricing plans with minimum engineering effort.


Integrate with your CRM and other sales tools to streamline your sales process.


Continuously optimize your enterprise pricing strategy based on real customer response data.